Parent Testimonials

What Parents Have to Say About the COPE NICU Parent Program


"The activities helped me to form an emotional bond to my baby."

"It describes what you can expect and also why a baby in NICU does the things he or she does and what you can do to be helpful."

"It gave me a little extra courage to do things I might not have done."

"It clarified questions about my baby's behaviors. It helped me to understand how premature babies respond to stimulus, what to look for, and how to better take care of a premature baby."

"The activities made me stop and realize my baby was unique and special."

"I did not know how important reading was to a tiny baby. Those things we were told changed a lot of the ways we were thinking."

"It gave you other things to concentrate on besides your baby's illness. It helped you to see the positive milestones your baby met."

"I used it like a journal and a place to record each milestone in my baby's NICU stay. The activities gave my husband and I a chance to work on some activities involving our baby, although she is not at home."


"It facilitated the bonding process with my baby."

"It helped me to understand the normal behavior of my child."

"It helped me to be comfortable handling and caring for my baby, and to understand what he needed based on his behavior."

"It helped me to understand that I make a difference in the NICU experience, both physically and emotionally, for myself, my spouse, and maybe even the staff."

"It helped to inform me of how my baby acts while stressed, when to communicate with her, how to calm her if she is upset, what signs my baby is giving and what they mean."

"The activities remind you of all of the little things your baby does and how special she is."