Evidence-based, family-centered, cost-reducing
NICU and PICU programs
Decreased Length of Stays
Decreased Rates of Readmission
Improved Health Outcomes

EVIDENCE-BASED RESULTS supported by randomized controlled trials.

FAMILY-CENTERED PROGRAMS enable parents to cope...and maintain hope.

REDUCED HOSPITAL COST helps parents, hospitals and insurers.


COPE RESEARCH NEWS The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital, finds that: "(The COPE) Empowerment programme for parents of extremely premature infants significantly reduced length of stay and readmission rates." (Click here to download a pdf copy of the study.)

Proven to Save Money The cost of the COPE program is easily covered by the decrease in hospital stay for premature infants in the NICU. Call 607-664-6159 today to learn more.

COPE for HOPE offers evidence-based family-centered NICU and PICU programs, consultations and workshops to improve physical and mental health outcomes in premature infants, children, teens and their parents who are experiencing the stress associated with ICU experiences.

Our programs were developed by a nationally-known team of nurse practitioners and doctoral-prepared researchers with extensive clinical, teaching, and research experience. (Click here for more about our team.)